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Play Therapy

My name is Gaina Sanders-Dunbar, I am a Certified Play and Creative Arts Therapist (PTUK) and a trainee Clinical Supervisor (PTUK), providing 1:1 and group supervision.

I am a qualified Early Years and Primary teacher (PGCE) with over 16 years experience. I have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and continue to treasure creativity and art at the centre of my work. I attend clinical supervision to support my own person growth as a therapist.

In my role as Play Therapist, I hold the trust of children, demonstrating the required resilience and insight for working with children in emotionally challenging times.

Above all, I have an accepting, authentic and sincere respect for children.

Security - PTUK Certified Play Therapist, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance: Towergate, Clinically Supervised, up to date Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Checks, Membership of PTUK and ICO registered (GDPR).

Hilltop on YouTube- During the difficult times of COVID, I collated and recorded a group of stories for children to enjoy. Please feel free to select a story to share with your child.

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy provides a safe place for children to explore and express their feelings and emotions when times are difficult or things have become confusing.


Often, children can’t find the right words to express themselves. Play Therapy gives children the time and opportunity to communicate through their play. 


All people can benefit from having the space to express themselves and work through their troubles. Play Therapy is an excellent place to do this and can be 1:1 or in a small group with a qualified Play Therapist.

How can Play Therapy help?

Children can find themselves having difficult times and sometimes need support. When thoughts arise and children cannot express them, Play Therapy allows them to express these feelings in a safe environment.


Children can learn to cope better with their problems, relationships and difficult feelings. Play Therapy can ground them again by helping them to work through their place in their world.


Play Therapy allows people to grow, make sense of their experiences and creatively explore their thoughts and feelings.

What happens during a Play Therapy session?

Children are free to play with sand trays and miniatures, water, clay, puppets, music, dance and movement, paint, drawing, writing and stories. In fact, we work with whatever the child chooses to explore at that time. 


The child’s work is confidential and is kept safely for their return each week and are then passed to the child at the end of their final session for their keeping.


The Play Therapy room is a safe, confidential and uninterrupted space.


Conversations between child and therapist are always confidential and remain so unless there are safeguarding issues within the session. The relevant information is passed on to a designated person after consultation with the child.


Each session lasts 45 minutes and the child chooses how they want to spend their time. The sessions are relaxing and have a therapeutic theme.

What is Play Therapy?

“Gaina nurtures each person to feel at ease in expressing each other’s individuality and compassion for one another."


“A very relaxing atmosphere in the

best hobbit house in the world accompanied with

fantastic people and art. Total bliss and joy.


Therapeutic Play

Focussed sessions for children in group sessions or 1:1  in schools, children's centres and at my private practice.

Creative Art for Adults

Adult creative art sessions for small groups and 1:1  adults, focussing on mindfulness and wellbeing.



Bespoke training to groups and schools to support CPD. Please contact for further information.


Contact Me

If you have any questions or would like to discuss my services further, you can get in touch by calling me on the number below or

by clicking the email address.

For more information about my creative art classes,

click on the facebook icon.

Thank you.

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